Alban Chazot

    System Administrator

    Alban is in charge of the administration of the platform and its applications.

        Aurélie Monteil

        Publishing and digital publications manager

        Aurélie created the site logo and layout.

            Cécile Almonté

            Trainee (Master of Computer Architecture - ENS de Lyon)

            Cécile participated in the finalization of the data models, in the design of the site architecture and wrote the educational content.

                Émilie Paget

                In charge of publisher partnerships and communication

                Émilie participated in the design of the site and is responsible for its communication.

                    Hélène Bégnis

                    In charge of the partner network

                    Hélène participated in the design of the site’s architecture and wrote part of its content.

                        Vanessa Agustinos

                        Documentation and Communication Resources Assistant

                        Vanessa participated in the design and production of the site’s architecture, and supports its communication.

                          Viviane Boulétreau

                          Head of the "IT and Development" department

                          Viviane initiated the project, coordinated its technical deployment and maintains and updates the triplestore.